Technically savvy, marketing writer sought

Technically savvy, marketing writer sought to produce “organic” SEO solar commentary for solar online marketplace.   If interested, you can work now for equity on attractive terms or wait until we raise seed capital from angel investors we are approaching and get paid – but without equity – for the articles you write and/or edit.

In either case you would not be expected to quit your “day job” until investor capital is available to support your work and/or Solar Payoff is generating the online traffic that would justify a full-time salary.

Looking for younger partner if equity is involved.  Slightly prefer a female partner but talent tops gender.  If you can write focused, keyword-rich commentary and develop together topics about solar, renewable energy, and related topics, you qualify. Completely not interested in your religion or sexual orientation, just your writing skills.

After five years of spectacular growth but now stagnation and some noted bankruptcies, only one firm in rooftop solar has accomplished the fete of drawing significant website traffic through “organic” SEO.  That would be Energy Sage. According to studies by consultants in digital marketing, Energy Sage is generating as many as 600,000 hits worth almost $2 million per month by producing an impressive quantity of Google-Crawl-rewarded articles concerning a wide range of topics in solar and renewable energy.  These articles are not always as rich in information as one might hope but  Energy Sage did the work and they serve its long-term Sage’s online strategy.

Click on an Energy Sage meta data “page title” on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and you are taken to an article on the subject that Energy Sage has written that responds to the query you entered in the Google Search Bar.  Once there, however, Energy Sage’s objective isn’t so much to inform you as to encourage you to click on a button that funnelsyou into Energy Sage’s online marketplace.  With that click Energy Sage has achieved its objective, whatever the user learned from the article they wrote to get him or her there.

Contractors we know that work with Energy Sage have long assumed that Energy Sage developed its leads through paid Google Ads.    To the contrary, Energy Sage develops very few of its leads through paid advertising.  Instead, Energy Sage has become a masterful online player that generates the preponderance of its leads through skillful digital marketing.  Solar Payoff’s goal is to equal or outperform Energy Sage in developing leads from organic SEO by developing its own keyword content.

Like Energy Sage, the kernel of the Solar Payoff model is to cut customer acquisition costs by taking the sales process online and then feed leads to a network of vetted contractors.  However, unlike Energy Sage, Solar Payoff’s strategy has been to show prospective solar adopters the value of installing and owning their own solar by developing the most realistic and rigorous solar financial calculator on the web, comparing four basic forms of financing and their returns, also variations.

The User Interface’s financial calculator was developed in Python, an advanced programming language, and consists of a PostgreSQL database capable of capturing virtually any utility tariff anywhere. This permits Solar Payoff to measure everywhere a user’s savings from going solar (technically, the user’s “avoided costs”).  Nothing on Energy Sage’s website competes with Solar Payoff’s ability to measure the gains from solar.  Solar Payoff’s organization of its contractor network in drive-time service areas is also more advanced than Energy Sage’s indiscriminate net.

Where Solar Payoff is still not competing effectively is in organic SEO and other aspects of digital marketing, including social media, the technology that brings clients cost effectively to a User Interface in the first place.

Although the term “online marketplace” has been widely used inappropriately in the industry to describe high overhead call centers with a website 800#, the only true online marketplace in rooftop solar today is the one developed at Energy Sage.   Our investor pitch deck makes clear that our strategy going forward is to emulate the Energy Sage model working with our new digital marketing and programming team at Nakima in Barcelona.

Obviously, an online marketplace lives or dies by the website traffic it attracts.  Solar Payoff is still a digital orphan, however advanced its technology might be in other respects.  The offer in this post for equity for SEO writing or employment later is one of many ongoing Solar Payoff initiatives designed to remedy this fundamental impediment to our growth.

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